Wednesday, 21 March 2012

BMC Bicycles The History

BMC bikes (Bicycle Manufacture Company) has a great reputation for producing bikes that benefit from the latest technology.

The company states that its primary desire is to create bikes that are both stylish and benefit from ultimate precision. BMC are known for their great collection of mountain bikes, but they also manufacture other types of bike as well. BMC also sponsor a cycling team that is performing well in events around the world.

The History of BMC Bikes

In 1986 an American called Bob Bigelow decided to begin manufacturing bikes in Switzerland under a license for Raleigh. The company struggled to survive in a tough market and by 1995 split from Raleigh. A new company called the Bicycle Manufacture Company was formed and despite some successes it was a real struggle for BMC to stay in business. It wasn’t until 2001 that things started to look a bit brighter for the company. This is when Andy Rihs took over and made the necessary changes need to turn the potential within the company to actual success.

Since 2001 BMC hasn’t looked back and their success is growing by the year. The mission of the company is to manufacture bikes that benefit from three attributes; precision, style, and passion. The team at BMC are convinced that it is their passion for creating the best possible bikes that gives them the edge over the competition. Their bikes are very distinctive looking and this makes to brand easily recognizable – even when you don’t see a BMC logo you should still be able to tell that you are looking at one of their bikes.

The BMC Devotion to Precision

BMC is devoted to bike research and are always looking for ways to improve things. They make it clear though that they don’t just want to change things for the sake of change but only when it brings benefits to the riding experience. The ethos at BMC is to question everything and there are sacred cows and assumptions. If there is the possibility of improving any part of the bike then BMC want to investigate this possibility. The Swiss are known for their devotion to precision and quality and BMC are keen to emphasis these attributes in their bikes. People who buy one of their products can rely on a very high standard of bike that has benefited from the best in innovation.

The BMC Racing Team

BMC are also proud to sponsor their own racing team which is based in the US. This team is made up of some top names in cycling including George Hincapie and Alessandro Ballan. The team has had some great success since 2007 and 2011 could be their best year yet. The BMC racing team is a fine example of what the company stands for and has gone a long way to promoting their bikes. It has also provided even more evidence that BMC is now firmly on the international stage as a maker of some truly exceptional bikes.

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