Sunday, 13 November 2011

AE Line 7 Stanes Scotland

The 7 Stanes are mountain bike trail centres in Scotland. (Stane is Scottish for Stone) Each trail centre has a differnt Stone. This weekend we took the trip over to AE forest. The Stane here is called the Talking head Stane Pictured below.I had to cycle to get the ferry at 5am. All my riding gear and spare clothes front and back.Bike lights for the second part of the trip. Night ride as it starts to get dark at 4pm.
The new super ferry Between Belfast (Ireland) and Cairnryan (Scotland)
The AE Line red trail is a Enduro type trail. XC but with a lot of Technical features. We done the Trail during the day then half of it at night. A great day/Night on the bikesAndy doing the step up.
The Canyon Nerve AM 8.0Video of the Day's Riding

360 degree Panoramic Photo of the trail.

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