Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Magicshine Old MJ-836 V New MJ-872

The Magicshine is a light I have been using for over two years. The light I have been using is the MJ-836 This light is claimed to produce 900Lumens on full power for a battery life of 3-4hours on Full power and 6-7 on low power.
I have had no issues with this light and havent ever really needed to test the full capacity of the battery until the 24 hour race. I had a spare battery and also head torches so we mainly tried to keep the lights on Low power to get maximum battery life. The lights lasted without having to use the spare battery which was great. The batteries have a nice blue backlight to give you an idea of the time left. The light switch also has a colour coded pattern. The switch glows Green for a full battery 100-75%; Blue for 75-50%; Yellow for 50-25%; Red for 25-5% and Flashing red 5% to Shutdown.This is a very bright light.... Well until I seen this new light MJ-872The MJ-872 is Claimed to produce 1600Lumens on full power for a battery life of 2.2hours. I havent had a chance to test the battery but this light has more settings. Full beam, 75%, 50%, 25%.The light comes with an O ring that straps around the bars or to a helmet. The old one had a more secure clamp with a flat connection on the base. I will need to see how the O ring compares when I am out on the trail on rougher ground.
The photo above shows the different mounting options. The new light MJ-872 has the O ring which wraps around the bar and across hooks on the light body. The old light MJ-836 has a clamp which attaches to the bars then a quick release flat connection for the base of the light.
The photos below show the garden with no light, the garden with a standard head torch and then the old and new Magicshine lights.

Garden with lights off:Standard Head torch:

MJ-836 (Old):
MJ-872 (New):

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