Monday, 18 June 2018

Rest Days

How important are rest days?  Probably just as important if not more important than the training days.  How we get stronger is breaking down muscle and having it rebuilt.  If we don't give the muscle time to recover and rebuild we risk injury.  I found my old skins compression pants which I am going to wear after training to hopefully aid the recovery process.

If you have read other posts from me you might have gathered that I have never followed a training plan.  In the past my rest days where more than my training days so the one or maybe two rest days a week now are a nice break.  I have already done more mileage this year than all of my other Marathons put together.  The structure is good but I can sometimes see myself looking ahead thinking I have x,y or z to do this evening but I also have a run.  I start work too early to get morning runs in so it is a balance of time.  As I write this I am thinking of tomorrows run not tonights rest day.  That has to be a good thing..  Progress

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