Monday, 11 June 2018

Running... Its been a while

I have always been a fairly active person, with the exception of certain times of my life for one reason or another.  The past few years I have become less and less active and the weight started to creep on.  I needed to get myself on track again and during lent I set myself a challenge.  Some form of exercise every day for the whole of lent.  Lent lasted on the calendar for 46 days?  I thought it was 40 days and 40 nights but I was in for the long haul. So some form of exercise every day from Ash wednesday to Easter Saturday. 

14th February Weight 93kg
I set out a plan, watch what I eat and control the portion sizes.  No junk foods and no eating between meals unless for healthy snack foods.  I had no set fitness plan for this challenge, or a specific diet that I would stick to.  I like most sports can run, bike, swim and most things in between.  My garage is equipped with a punch bag, spin bike and free weights I had no excuses.  I have attached a log of what I done and what I ate (See below Screenshots).  I am not a structured person when it comes to training or eating so keeping this log helped me keep doing the challenge. Seing the progress on paper and filling it in every day was a way of keeping me moving. I work Monday to Saturday on average 12 hour days so my number one excuse was I didn't have time.  When I started this it wasn't easy and coming home after 12 hours with a 40min drive home. I did feel tired and felt like saying I will start tomorrow.  Once I was out there on the spin bike or out for a run I was loving it.  I had the option of walking but ran, biked or boxed.   My running improved and on St Patricks day 17th March I ran a 10k race finishing time 45mins.

I will admit it wasn't always easy to go and train but when I was doing it I really enjoyed it.  I started to feel better, mentally and physically. Then you ask yourself why did I not do this sooner.

I was into the last few days of the challenge.  Some aches and pains mainly from running but nothing major. On 28th March day 43 I was doing sprints and I pulled a hamstring.  At the time it felt like a complete snap.  I have never had an injury like this but knew I wouldn't be training the next day.  Rather than make it worse I decided to completely rest.  Two days complete rest with the exception of being on my feet all day in work.  Three days after injury I had a long walk in the evening.  Easter sunday 4 days after injury I ran a 4 mile beach run.

I was on day 47 and I had lost slightly over 10kg in weight.  The leg felt ok but the challenge was finished.  It is so easy to fall back into the old habits and I will admit I started to miss training days and the eating habbits fell to the bigger portions and the odd bit of junk food.

I need a goal to keep me going and signed up for a 100km 5 peak cycle challenge.  A very hilly course and with very little bike time.  I tend to aim high rather than building up to something and it seems to be working. The cycle went well and I completed it fairly comfortably allbeit slowly.  Next was a 9 mile trail run on Divis mountain.  I finished in 16th place and has really got my love for trail running back. 
Run DMC 9miler 16th Place

What next as I am starting to slip again.....

On my Birthday I seen an advert for a Marathon.  The Causeway Coast Marathon.  A course I love and an area I spent summers of my childhood. I have done this event on two occassions.  In 2010 I done the Causeway Half Marathon.  The year before I had done the full Marathon distance.  So would it be the Half or the Full this time.  Well this event is in September and in addition to the 10k, Half and Full Marathon distances there is an Ultra Distance. 40 Miles

I told you I aim high and had considered this race before. I know my lack of scheduled training and laid back attitude might not get me through this like other events.  So my goal has been set and now some hard work HAS to take place.

Portstewart to the carrick a rede rope bridge and back to portballintray.  40 miles along some of the worlds most stunning coast lines exciting times ahead.

47 Day Challenge log

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