Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sundays long run

When I say long run it is long for me 13.44miles.  I am not into the bigger mileage yet.  Started out really slow straight into a long 2 mile climb.  Down the other side gets steep so it was a bit of work trying to reign myself in and not up the pace.
The purpose of this run was slow and steady to remain comfortable throughout.  A route with plenty of ups and downs.  When you are comfortable the tendancy is to speed up on the descents.  Thankfully I didn't fall into that trap by constantly reminding myself.  Talking to myself as I run is a good way of keeping my mind off any potential aches or pains.  When I say talking to myself I mean into myself.  I can go over things like whats coming next if I know the route. With a couple of miles to home I lifted the pace a bit.  I still felt comfortable and didnt push to a full race pace but felt I still had loads left.  No tired feeling and the heart rate didn't rise much in the injection of pace.  Strava says PB but I know I have run the same distance faster in training and in races.  Back when I started running I was using a £10 wrist watch mainly to tell the time.  I never looked at pace speed or distance back then.  Jesus I sound like an old man.  That wasn't that long ago I just choose not to buy a gps back then. 

I finished with an 8.5 mile road bike ride to cool down.  Don't think I will do it again because the bike isn't a great fit and the knees didnt feel good at all. Sunday Morning with a half marathon and a small bike ride done and it is only 10am. 

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